Is your child
proficient enough?
Arithmetic proficiency is
crucial for success
in STEAM subjects.

How To Assess & Improve Proficiency

Speed and accuracy define proficiency.

If your child requires one minute more than the target time listed upper right of the worksheet to finish it or makes more than two mistakes, your child has a proficiency problem.

Your child will be able to improve proficiency quickly if they try the same worksheet a few times. And, you can track the progress with the following progress tracking sheet.

If your child is not able to reach the target time without any mistakes after a few times of trial, your child probably has a serious proficiency problem.

The RISU Method (Math, Critical Thinking)

An effective multi-modal system combining tablet-based efficient learning, effective worksheets, and personalized online class.

Tablet-based study guarantees that your child learns all subjects efficiently as a perfect supplement to distance learning.

RISU recommends studying every day for 20 minutes, and no more than 30 minutes, per day per subject.

RISU ensures your child's arithmetic proficiency with its proprietary paper worksheets to make the math foundation concrete solid.

Why do we use paper worksheets?

Paper worksheets are effective than other devices.

  • - Hand-movements helps to memorize the combinations.
  • - Writing answers under time constraint improve motor skill.
  • - Paper worksheets are easier to focus on and help your child to improve their ability to focus longer time.

Customer's voice

My son was 5th and struggled with Math, receiving a C grade. RISU found his proficiency problems in the assessment.

He went back to the starting point and practiced the worksheets from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more. It took a few months to achieve proficiency in all arithmetics.

His Math score and his confidence in math improved drastically. Now he is in an advanced class. I strongly recommend assessing your child's proficiency and taking actions as early as possible. RISU's tutoring service has helped my son a lot, I strongly recommend it. 

- Father of 6th-grade son in San Jose

My 4th-grade daughter struggled with division though she understood how to divide. RISU tutor identified the problem was her proficiency in multiplication and subtraction.

She practiced multiplication worksheets and quickly improved her division. I noticed that it helped her studying fractions too. She will practice subtraction next.

I'm delighted to hear that she started communicating where she struggles now and enjoys the tutoring session.

- Mother of 4th-grade daughter in San Mateo