3D Animation &

- Fun and Rewarding -

  • Master fundamentals of 3D Animation and 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation and 3D Modeling are key skills and have changed
    manufacturing, advertising, games, and movies

Q1 Why is RISU the best choice?

Easy to implement & Flexible
  • 45 minutes to 2 hours per class, total 10 hours to 40 hours
  • The most popular and free open-source software, Blender, based program
  • This program fits for Grades 4-12
Skills for a new generation
  • You can apply 3D Modeling skills to industrial 3D CAD software
  • RISU covers all fundamentals of 3D Animation
  • A PC or Mac is required

Q2 Why 3D programs are essential?

  • Industries have shifted to 3D software-based solutions
  • 3D skills are becoming key skills like programming
  • 75% of photos in IKEA's catalog are 3D models
  • Manufacturers started using 3D modeling and printing
  • 3D Animation changes advertising, games, and movies

Q3 What is required?

H/W requirements
  • Please check the Blender.org website for the requirements.
  • Chromebooks and tablets are not supported
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection for Zoom meeting
  • A second monitor or another device for Zoom is strongly recommended
  • A mouse with a center wheel is recommended
  • No 3D software experience required