RISU Critical Thinking for Schools

RISU [Math]

Proven enrichment
program for your

  • World’s first structured curricula for Grades K through 6
  • Critical Thinking and Math programs guide your students to academic success
  • Wide variety of questions prepares students for standardized tests such as
    PSAT, SAT, Math Olympiad and Math Kangaroo
  • Fully personalized for individualized progress

How does RISU benefit my students?

Proven program quality and value

RISU Critical Thinking and Math have been the core offerings in top after-schools across Silicon Valley. The unique value and quality provided by RISU, and celebrated by its students and parents, makes it the first choice for enrichment programs in this highly competitive locale.

  • Perfect preparation for the Math Kangaroo test, Common Core State Standards test, PSAT, SAT and other competitive math tests.
  • Covering five key reasoning areas such as logical reasoning, numerical reasoning and spatial reasoning.

Maximize your teachers’ time to best support students

  • No more question sheet copying and scoring! The RISU method using the RISU tablet frees your teachers from traditional methods and allows them to spend more time with their students.
  • RISU in-device support assists students with tutorials, hints, and an extensive help video library enabling your teachers to focus on more valuable individual support.
  • Students' learning histories, provided by RISU, help teachers offer individualized guidance to students.

Trusted and flexible support

RISU has built an excellent support network to help guide your success. We are flexible to the unique needs of each school and will personally work with you to ensure quality and value with the program and structure.

We added RISU's Critical Thinking and Math program to our enrichment program to supplement our school curriculum. Our students love the programs and solve more questions in one hour than paper based programs. The parents are also very satisfied with the status report and the parent portal site where they can see the real time progress online.

- Sejin Lim, Los Altos Christian School

"We could add a new Critical Thinking offering with RISU and increase our value to the parents. Mastering math is crucial but not enough anymore."
RISU provides critical thinking course for K to 6. It fits our student demographic. RISU reduces our workload since students can self-learn with the RISU tablet. RISU provides wonderful feedback to the parents and students and keeps them satisfied and happy that is very important for us.

- Swati Shah, principal of EZ Learning Center

RISU Critical Thinking and RISU Math is a fun and engaging program. It motivates and challenges kids to think Outside the Box. This program enhances the problem-solving skills and logical reasoning of the students and set them ahead of their peers. Pinnacle Intellect is proud to associate with RISU and be a provider of RISU Critical Thining and RISU Math. RISU Math is one of our core after-school programs and is enjoyed by all our students. We also have incorporated RISU Critical Thinking on a weekly basis and have noticed the tremendous improvement in our student's ability to solve complex and complicated problems.

- Dr. Usha, Director of Pinnacle Intellect

RISU Partners

RISU's enrichment programs are currently part of the curricula of top private schools and after schools throughout Silicon Valley.

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