Japanese with Anime

- Entry Level -

  • Learn how to read Japanese and the basic communication
  • It is fun program with Japanese animetions
  • Get the sense of Japanese culture too

Q1 Why is RISU the best choice?

RISU started in Japan
  • Japanese native Instructor
  • Deep knowledge of Japanese, its culture and history
  • A lot of great Japanese animations
Enjoy Japanese with Anime
  • This program emphasizes on having a fun time in Japanese as the entry-level program
  • This program is for ten weeks for the first session and continues for a full year
  • Wi-Fi and a TV or a projector are required

Q2 What is Japanese with Anime

  • Motivation and continuation are critical success factors of language study. This program design to have both with Japanse animation that students love
  • Designed for students in Grades 6-8
  • Stimulate interest in the culture, geography, and history
  • Focus on reading and basic communication
  • Have a fun time with Japanse animation

Q3Price and Availability

Schedule, pricing, and projects vary.
  • Coming Soon