Python Coding

- Easy to learn and powerful -

  • Master Python from the scratch
  • Python is the most popular language for
    AI, Computer Science, and Data Science
  • Designed for Grades 4-12 students

Q1 Why is RISU the best choice?

Easy to implement
  • Flexible 45 minutes to 2 hours per class
  • Including computer science and algorithm
  • Many mini projects
Python and more
  • In addition to Python language, this program covers algorithms, fundamentals of computer science, file access, database access, and other major libraries such as MatPlotLib and Flask
  • Flexible between total of 10 hours and 30 hours

Q2 What is Python Coding

  • Designed for beginners in grades 4-12
  • No prerequisite
  • Python 3 based curriculum
  • The basic syntax to functions and object-oriented programming
  • Covers useful libraries such as MatPlotlib and file access
  • Have a fun time with developing a game with Python

Q3 Requirements

H/W requirements
  • We recommend a PC or Mac. The latest Chromebooks are fine. But old Chromebooks and tablets tends to have a performance problem with Zoom.
  • We also recommned a PC and Mac as they allow to set up the local Python environment.
  • An additional monitor, PC/Mac, Chrombook, or tablet is recommended to display Zoom screen.
  • Other requirements
    • Google account to use Google Colaboratory.
    • Stable and fast Wi-Fi is required for Zoom