AI Coding with Scratch

Train AI models and use them with Scratch

  • Create AI models, gather data and train the AI models (IBM Watson)
  • Use the trained AI from Scratch for your own interactions
  • Understand that AI requires data input to be trained
  • Experiment using the cloud system from Scratch

Q1 Why is RISU the best choice?

RISU manages everything
  • RISU brings all tablets and textbooks
  • RISU provides experienced instructors
  • All instructors are background checked and TB tested
Cutting edge program
  • This program gives students a chance to train AI and use it from the student’s own Scratch program to understand how AI works and how to interact with it
  • This program works best with 5 to 10 weeks per session
  • This program requires Wi-Fi connection on site

Q2 What is AI Coding with Scratch?

  • Learn and use AI with several samples from within the familiar Scratch program
  • Designed for students in Grades 3-5, and 6-8
  • Discover the process of AI modeling, data gathering, training, and experiment with using the trained AI
  • Stimulate curiosity and encourage further exploration
  • Use and interact with the AI to understand its possibilities and limits
  • Use IBM Watson, a cloud-based AI system in Scratch

Q3Price and Availability

Schedule, pricing, and projects vary.
  • Please check Summer camps