RISU Critical Thinking

Establish a solid foundation for Critical Thinking
Acquire the life long ability to think logically

  • ― The first structured Critical Thinking program
  • ― Self-directed learning program for grades TK-6

Q1 What's RISU Critical Thinking?

The first structured critical thinking
program that establishes a solid
foundation for critical thinking and
enhances the ability to think logically.
RISU uses self-directed learning model
to maximize opportunities to think.

  • Builds self-esteem, nurtures curiosity and establishes autonomy
  • Perfect preparation for the Math Kangaroo test, www.mathkangaroo.org, Common Core State Standards test, PSAT and the SAT
  • Video support by top tutors such as a Stanford University lecturer

Content of total 87 stages

Q2 What are RISU's Secrets?

They are fun quizzes!
They are intellectual challenges!

Each student learns at his/her own pace

  • RISU is designed to motivate the student to get a perfect score!
  • Your child will master many skills that will help him/her to solve problems.
  • The program covers 41 patterns of typical word problems and
    15 patterns of typical geometry problems that are asked
    in the Commom Core State Standards test and the SAT.
  • Video support, tutorials and hints help your child to solve problems
    by him/herself autonomously.

Example questions

Q3 Testimonial

My son became familar with how to apply
math skills to solve word problems and real
life problems.I feel he is ready for middle school. (Mother of a 5th grader)

  • My son was very strong on calculation but not good at word problems and did not know how to approach them. After 5 months with RISU, he became familar with how to analyze and solve word problems logically. More importantly, he understood the value and importance of this type of thinking ability. Now I feel that he is ready for middle school.

Q4 Pricing

$80 / month: Annual subscription
(including RISU Tablet rental)
($90 / month: Quarterly subscription)

  • RISU Critical Thinking is an annual or quarterly based subscription service for individual customers. Please refer to the terms for details.
  • School year commitment is available only for schools. Please contact us for details from the contact form.