RISU Math Comparison

How is RISU Math different from
other math programs?

Key differences between RISU Math and other programs:

  • Best mix of paper worksheets and tablet application
  • Efficient and faster learning with tablet
  • Concrete proficiency with paper worksheets
  • Fully personalized learning
  • The world's first structured Critical Thinking program

The best combination of tablet and paper-based learning

What are the advantages of
RISU Math programs?

Fully personalized

  • Individual placement test provides personalized starting point for each student to optimize the learning process.
  • Age- and grade-free design enables gifted students to discover as much as they want without limitation.
  • Stage-based design allows students to explore multiple subjects simultaneously and prevents boredom.

Highly efficient tablet-based learning

  • Immediate scoring, positive feedback, and video-game style develop a learning rhythm, accelerate learning and make study an enjoyable experience.
  • Automatic review reinforces the understanding and eliminates the weakness.
  • Point and keys with game flavor motivate

Customer voices

We added RISU's Critical Thinking and Math program to our enrichment program to supplement our school curriculum. Our students love the programs and solve more questions in one hour than paper based programs. The parents are also very satisfied with the status report and the parent portal site where they can see the real time progress online.

- Sejin Lim, Los Altos Christian School

RISU Critical Thinking and RISU Math is a fun and engaging program. It motivates and challenges kids to think Outside the Box. This program enhances the problem-solving skills and logical reasoning of the students and set them ahead of their peers. Pinnacle Intellect is proud to associate with RISU and be a provider of RISU Critical Thining and RISU Math. RISU Math is one of our core after-school programs and is enjoyed by all our students. We also have incorporated RISU Critical Thinking on a weekly basis and have noticed the tremendous improvement in our student's ability to solve complex and complicated problems.

- Dr. Usha, Director of Pinnacle Intellect