You will not be charged for the RISU tablet separately.
RISU lends RISU Tablet to the subscribers as the part of the subscription plan.

We will send e-mails containing learning advice based on the student's progress.
If the student seems to be struggling, we will send a tutorial video that explains the solution to the question.

Once the RISU tablet has been shipped, you will be billed for the Shipping and handling fee.
If you are a new subscriber, First month fee and subscription plan will be billed at the same time.
If you change from the Free evaluation plan, you will be billed immediately.
The day your account gets charged depends on your credit card company, so please contact your card company accordingly.

RISU provides the subscribers with the portal page called My Page which the URL is sent via email.
Please login to the portal and monitor your child's progress.
The subscriber can contact RISU from the website as well.

If you are a current subscriber, please contact RISU from "My Page" after logging in to the portal site.
If you are a future subscriber or a partner, please contact RISU with contact the form located below.

Contact Form

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