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There are two stages in RISU, one for 1st - 3rd graders, and one for 4th -5th graders.
Some gifted children start from Kindergarten.

The RISU Tablet is easy enough to use without instructions. It is designed so that after solving a few questions, your child will be able to navigate the tablet without help.
It is important to let the child pick the subject and speed, so take a peek from time to time and encourage him/her.
However, if the child is trying to solve difficult questions/new questions that they do not understand, you may need to help.
Talk to your child and make sure he/she is on track. Encouragement and praise for his/her efforts leads to confidence.

Although it varies depending on concentration levels and the amount of school work, our data shows students who study 15-30 minutes twice a week or more improve their skills.
The frequency of study sessions is more important than the amount of time spent per day. Please take it into consideration.

RISU is only available on the designated tablet. We do not offer downloadable software.
This is because in an internal RISU experiment, children who used the tablet concentrated twice as well compared to children who used downloadable software.
Results show that with tablets that have other applications, the children have a tendency to watch videos or surf the Internet.

Subjects covered on the tablet are saved and analyzed to provide individually optimized experience.
Therefore, we ask that 1 student uses 1 tablet.

Once you finish Wi-Fi setting of RISU tablet and after the tutorial, the Placement Test will begin. Based on the results of this test, the initial stage will be set according to the student's learning level.
Age or grade does not affect the results. If the student reaches higher levels, that will become the initial stage.

Stages with ""Clear!"" on them contain questions that the student is capable to solve based on the Placement Test. Students can solve questions in stages with ""Clear!"" mark anytime and make the understanding solid.

Your child will be able to use the higher level stages once he/she reaches certain scores in the Placement Test or clear all "Boss" stages in 1st to 3rd grade.

Other correspondence courses (paper/tablet) have a set curriculum for each grade. Therefore, the child must adapt to the learning material. Furthermore, with some tablet programs, you cannot proceed to the next subject until the next month subscription.
RISU identifies the level of each student and the learning material adjusts to the student accordingly, so each student can learn at their own speed without grade limitation.
RISU focuses on building self-efficacy, nurturing curiosity and critical thinking capability in addition to academic success. We have designed the curriculum and built the entire system for this purpose.

KUMON is focused on improving calculation abilities by repeatedly practicing calculation questions.
RISU covers basic calculation, word questions, geometry, and critical thinking questions, so the child not only learns the basics, they also learn how to apply what they have learned and improve critical thinking skills.

The learning material is for self-study purposes, so you can use it while going to cram school.
Questions will be set based on the level of the student, so the student can learn at his/her own speed efficiently, anytime, anywhere.

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