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Learning material adapts to the student!!
Risu contents thoroughly covers basic math, geometry, and critical thinking.
The "Stage" system encourages students and is designed to build self-efficacy.
The software has over 10,000 questions, thorough explanations and is packed with useful hints!
The curriculum is designed to fit the need of each student.

Solving numerous small questions quickly will "improve learning skills without realizing it and build self-efficacy."
The child's progress is sent to RISU headquarters instantly to further analyze to see where the child is struggling.
RISU will support the student via e-mail and video.

Elementary school 1st to 3rd grade level consists of 48 stages based on original data analysis.
1 stage contains 25 question sheets. Each question sheet contains 1 to 7 questions. This makes it possible to learn subjects quickly.

"Even if the student is making good/speedy progress, if the questions are too easy, they will get tired and bored.
RISU features the [Monster Mode] where the questions gets difficult when the student is doing well.
It offers a change of pace for subjects that can get tedious."

The student can use the keys to unlock special questions that improve critical thinking abilities. This also keeps the student challenged and excited about the subject at hand.

Q. Pricing

RISU will bill you the shipping and handling fee upon shipment of RISU Tablet.
For the new subscriber, RISU will charge the first month's fee and subscription plan upon shipment of RISU Tablet.
If you are in Free evaluation with coupon code, RISU will bill you the first month's fee and subscription plan upon start of subscription.

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