RISU Math Jr.

Boosting math skills while having fun
Easy to use with voice reading function

  • ― Building a solid math foundation
  • ― Recommended for children of age 4 and up

Q1 What's RISU Math Jr.?

A service for children who want to
have fun while learning numbers.
We recommend starting RISU Math Jr.
when your child starts reading numbers.

  • Covers reading numbers and clocks to addition and subtraction.
  • Perfect preparation for first grade math.

Q2 What are RISU's Secrets?

Plenty of colorful illustrations!
Drawing in your child's interest

  • Lots of animated illustrations including ninjas, fruits, food,
    animals, vehicles, and sports!
  • They help your child remember the names of the things around them.
  • Tutor follow-ups with videos are provided with RISU Math
    to help children with any stumbling blocks.

Q3 Customer Voice

My daughter quickly became able to
count 2 digits numbers.I feel relieved and ready for
elementary school.
(Mother of a kindergartener)

  • My daughter has learned how to count 5, 10 and 20 while enjoying RISU. I've never been good at mathematics, so I'm relieved to see my daughter developing the talent!

Q4 Pricing

$28 / month: Annual subscription
(including RISU Tablet rental)
($38 / month: Quarterly subscription)

  • RISU Math Jr. is a annual or quarterly based subscription service. Please refer the terms for the details.
  • When your child completes the final stage of the RISU Math Jr., they are automatically transferred to RISU Math that covers 1st to 5th grade. (* RISU Math fee is applied)